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Filosof_II - Payroll certificates

The human resource department needs to create a number of different certificates. These certificates often require settlement indicators and -values of multiple months. Searching these in the records can be quite cumbersome. The required certificates can be created with our new module.

Filosof_II - ITSG Certificate 2016/2017

Our payroll program has been checked again by the qualifying procedure of the ITSG in 04/2016. All tasks were solved successfully. The result provides us and our customers a high level of security and accuracy for our products and the salary statements.

Filosof_II - Tax/Soc.Insurance data exchange

Our payroll software is based on our own communication server for all data transfer to tax- and social insurance offices. That means all problems of non-filosof software, which were used for that purposes, have gone and there is nomore any extra charge for those licenses at all for our customers.

Filosof_II - Controlling Zoom

Knowing and analyzing the numbers that reflect the performance of your company gets increasingly important. The new module “Controlling Zoom” was developed to meet this requirement. A wide variety of columns can be selected and combined, to enhance your user defined reports. Drill-down to posting level, multi-year overviews, coloration of columns, print of outputs, PDF- and Excel exports are available. Furthermore it is also possible to send outputs as circular email.

Filosof_II - E-Balance

The actual version 5.4 of the required taxonomie is implemented into Filosof.

Filosof_II - Bank-Account-Manager

The module "Bank-Import" is part of the Filosof_II Financial Accounting Software. It allows to import all bank transactions through a file (MT940-format/CAMT.053 format). The system can recognize the postings and assign accounts automatically through import rules. The rules can be changed and extended at any time.

Please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with further details.


AUDICON has certified our interface for the IDEA software mostly used from the tax-offices and auditors. We are proud having persist all syntax and compatibility-checks and the interface is available with the actual versions of our accounting and payroll software.


March 2017

We had a wonderful time with our partner 42 GmbH on the fare in Hamburg where showed also our new connection with HOTELKiT will ensure the package profit of the Filosof staff roster. Of course you can contact us concerning our software in our office in Köln all time.